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Haka Products was founded in 2014 with a vision of helping Manufacturing Companies with diverse product portfolios enable their sales people to accelerate sales cycles and grow share of demand. We built apps on the Salesforce platform that connected Sales, Product Marketing, and Product management.

Our flagship app, Haka Connect, puts the focus on the customer first and content second with our unique product playbook. It simplifies your product portfolio by connecting the dots between buyers’ needs and your offerings. Thus enabling your sales reps to properly engage buyers, understand a problem, and communicate value messages.

How we can help you succeed

  • Know Your Buyer

    Do you understand the buyer, their company, and its business priorities? Do you know how to ‘connect the dots’ between their needs and your offerings?

    Haka Connect includes Customer Segments and Buyer Personas linked to Accounts right inside your Salesforce CRM. Gain an understanding of the buying behaviors of the company and the individual needs of each stakeholder involved in the sale. We made it super simple for sales to show up prepared to communicate value to your buyers.

    Accelerate sales by understanding each buyer persona involved in a sale.

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    Product Playbooks

    Are your sales reps still selling drills when they need to be selling holes? The contemporary buyer expects sales to educate them and provide insights on a problem and how to solve it.

    Haka Connect comes with Product Segments that provide sales with value propositions specific to kind of customer they are. With Sales Actions that help them navigate the buyer journey.

    Improve win rates with tailored value messages. With sales playbooks and actions that improve sales effectiveness.

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  • Capture Stakeholder Feedback

    Customer has an unmet need? Pricing too high? Sales collateral not working? In today’s hyper connected, fast paced world, you have to be listening carefully to customer feedback or get left in the dust.

    Haka Connect includes a Voice of the Customer feature that will enable your sales team to quickly and easily get feedback back to the product and marketing teams, so they can take action and help improve your offerings, messaging, positioning, content and close deals.

    Capture voice of the customer feedback quickly and easily; on mobile with Salesforce1, or on the desktop.

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    Listen, Learn and Iterate

    How is my product performing? What are customers saying, good and bad, about our offerings? How do I know if my positioning is correct? Are we talking to the right customers?

    Haka Connect provides a cockpit to monitor the performance of your products right inside of Salesforce. Manage your product positioning. Update your sales collateral and ensure every sales professional is using the latest and greatest content. View voice of the customer feedback and identify patterns. Identify customer unmet needs and take swift action to address them.

    Improve product success with a CRM for your offerings.

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  • Testimonial
    Tim Kiekow, Business Technology Manager, NTN Bearing Corporation

    "We’re a high tech manufacturer and are looking to get better alignment with our customers and distributors, and between our sales and marketing teams, with the ultimate goal of improving ROI and accelerating sales. Haka Connect is just the app we were looking for."

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