Buyers today are more connected and more informed. They have more choices and have higher expectations of value. They don’t want to be sold, they want to be educated. Set your sales enablement strategy apart from the rest with our sales enablement solution, Haka Connect. With our unique sales enablement solution, we put knowledge first and content second. First, our product playbook provides a genuine understanding of the buyer, their company, and their business priorities. Allowing sales reps to properly engage buyers, understand a problem, and communicate value messages. Second, push relevant content to seal the deal.

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Simplify the Complex Buying Process.

High tech sales reps are required to engage, on average, 5 to 6 different stakeholders to get to a successful decision. Each stakeholder wants a value message that speaks to their needs and wants. Our product playbook simplifies your product portfolio by connecting the dots between your offerings and your buyers’ needs.

Accelerate Your Sales Onboarding.

For many companies, the ramp-up time for new sales professionals typically is six months or more. High Tech companies don’t have that kind of time. Accelerate onboarding with customer knowledge and guidance as to how to consistently communicate customer value.

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