At Haka Products, we believe that success is highly dependent on communication and collaboration between sales, product marketing, and product management.. Our apps and success framework are highly aligned with this idea.

How will we achieve success?

Define the Perfect Customers & Buyers

The process starts with your Product Marketing team defining the ideal target customers for your products. Our experience is that its best to start by focusing on a market, geography, or segment where you can grow fast and achieve success. Next, your Product Marketing team defines the key buyers involved in making a purchase decision and how the evaluate products like yours. This provides context for your sales professionals on how to get beyond the purchasing manager to the individual that will have the greatest appreciate for your value.

  • Identify the target customer segments
  • Define the buyers personas and how they make decisions
  • Assess competitive landscape and differentiation

Develop Product Playbooks

Product Management is up next. They leverage their knowledge of your product portfolio and the needs and desires of your end use customers to define how applications of your technology create value for your target customers. This is the heart of your product playbook. Instead of selling thousands of products, your reps can focus on selling value.

  • Segment products by customer segment and reduce complexity
  • Define value propositions and differentiation
  • Focus your sales reps on selling value instead of products
  • Create opportunity for growth for you and your channel partners

Sales Content & Actions

This last step is where Product Marketing, Product Management, and Sales Leadership work together to load the sales collateral and sales actions that will greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales reps. Haka Connect makes sure that everything is organized and pushed right to the Opportunity in Salesforce.

  • Create Sales Actions that define the buyer journey from awareness to decision
  • Load the Sales Content and Collateral that your sales reps need to execute a sale

Listen, Learn, and Iterate

Launch is only the start of the journey. As your sales reps are meeting with customers they are hearing what your customers like or dislike about your messaging, positioning, or the value of your products. Haka Connect provides a super simple way for your sale reps to share what they are hearing. Product Marketing and Product Management can now leverage this knowledge to listen, learn, and respond quickly with updates.

  • Listen for voice of the customer feedback
  • Share what customers are saying, good and bad, about your products and value messaging
  • Respond quickly with updates to messaging, positioning, or enhancement to products

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  • Testimonial
    Tim Kiekow, Business Technology Manager, NTN Bearing Corporation

    "We’re a high tech manufacturer and are looking to get better alignment with our customers and distributors, and between our sales and marketing teams, with the ultimate goal of improving ROI and accelerating sales. Haka Connect is just the app we were looking for."