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New Features in Haka Connect v1.9

Recently we released Haka Connect v1.9, bringing with it a host of new features requested by our users.  To complement the official Release Notes, we want to use this post to illustrate the new functionality and prepare your users for the upgrade.  To install or upgrade Haka Connect, please visit the Salesforce AppExchange listing.  

Sales Content Available in Native Salesforce1 Mobile Apps

The popular Sales Content feature is now compatible with Salesforce1 Mobile apps for iOS and Android!

Navigate to any Opportunity or Product Master detail page and scroll down to the “Sales Content” or “Product Master Content” sections, respectively, to see a preview of the content section.  

sales content in opportunity detail page

Click anywhere to open a page that displays the entire section.  

sales content full page

Click the file preview icon or the View Details or Download links to open the File Info page, from which you can share, download, email, print, save sales content for offline use and more.

Sales Content File Info popup with actions

If you don’t see the “Sales Content” or “Product Master Content” sections on your Opportunity or Product Master detail pages, please ask your Administrator.

Sales Content Usage Metrics

Haka Connect now tracks downloads of Sales Content.  Each time a User downloads a piece of Sales Content from an Opportunity detail page, either on the desktop or in Salesforce1, that event is recorded.  Now your marketing team can see which pieces of content are being used the most or are tied to the biggest deals, at which Opportunity stages a piece of content is used, who is using the content, or even which content formats (PDF, PowerPoint, video, etc.) are most popular.  A host of new reports that illustrate the various ways to use the download data and a Sales Content dashboard that brings together many of those reports are included in this version of Haka Connect.

sales content dashboard


Product Segment Names Now Customizable

In previous versions, the name of the Product Segment record — the intersection of a Product Master and a Customer Segment where one crafts a unique value proposition — was generated automatically.  In this release, we allow you to provide your own name.  This is particularly useful where creating multiple Product Segment records for a given Product Master and Customer Segment combination, such as when modeling multiple “applications” for customers.

Product Segment names now customizable

Assign Personas to Leads

Now in addition to associating a Lead with a Customer Segment you can also assign the Lead to a Persona, helping your marketing, business development and sales professionals better connect with prospects.  The Persona assignment is retained after conversion to a Contact and the Customer Segment is assigned to the resulting Account.

lead record with persona assigned


We hope you enjoy the new features in Haka Connect.  We would love to hear your feedback!  Please leave a comment or visit the contact page and get in touch!


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